The Company’s objective is to ensure that the Organization is staffed by healthy and competent personnel by having proper and effective recruitment procedures in place and comply with applicable laws and regulations governing health at employees’ workplace.

The Company recognizes that operating oil and chemical tankers involves latent risk to employee health and safety, to third parties and to the environment.

The Company will ensure that every endeavor is made to man the Oil & Chemical Tankers of the Company with officers as per the prevailing OCIMF Officer’s Matrix.

The Company believes and appreciates that healthy and competent employees are one of the cornerstone of productivity and success of the company. To maintain a good and healthy working environment, priority will be given to training, development, motivation and medical fitness of employees. We believe that a high focus on the working environment will have preventive effect on undesired events and loss of productivity.

In order to enhance the expertise of all personnel, the line management is also responsible for ensuring that the staff gets the information, guidance and training they need to fully master their role and work responsibilities as described in their functional description. Health related information which may affect the employees will be made known to employees and they will be encouraged to live healthy lifestyles.

A broad range of training and orientation activities will be utilized and integrated with daily operations.

Another objective in maintaining competent and qualified personnel is to establish performance measures and to encourage each employee to develop their career with us.

All personnel shall at all times comply with competence requirements governed by the international legislations and in addition any customer specific requirements.

Regular performance appraisal of all our personnel through open dialogue will be carried out in order to ensure the employees’ involvement in developing their potential through identification of training and/or developmental needs. Ship staff are encouraged to use the Company’s open appraisal system to give their opinion and suggestions for their holistic development in the Company.

The Company recognizes the need to focus on mental health of the seafarer as much as the physical health. Regular review of health risks related to our operations will be carried out and reasonable steps to reduce such risk will be taken. Suggestions related to health improvement will be given high priority.

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