The Company shall ensure ISPS code compliance by establishing and maintaining the required security measures to prevent unlawful acts which endanger the safety and security of persons and property on board ships managed by the Company.

Consequently, the Company has designated a Company Security Officer (CSO) responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining the security program for the vessels under management.

The Company has further appointed a Ship Security Officer (SSO) responsible for ensuring that the Ship Security Plan and the preventive measures therein are implemented and maintained at all times.

The SSO is the primary point of contact between vessel and shore in relation to security issues.

Reviews, audits, inspection as well as training, drill and exercises will be conducted regularly to verify that all security assessments, plans and systems as a minimum, comply with the international requirements and that security plans, procedures and emergency response plans are well understood and acted upon by the designated and other relevant personnel.

All employees are required to comply with the Security Policy & Procedures and must always be at alert in all levels of our organization - from recruitment, to vessel operations, to information management, to business dealings. The company shall promptly investigate and act on abnormalities that have an effect on security.

The master of the vessel has the overriding authority and responsibility to make decisions with respect to the security issues and to request assistance from the Company Security Officer or contacting any government as may be necessary.

The Company shall actively promote security awareness at all levels in the organization through training, drills, familiarization process, and issuance of Company circulars. The Company in all its offices shall promote participation by all employees in the Security Management System through allocation of respective responsibilities, regular meetings, and feedback mechanism.

Trainings, drills, and exercises shall be regularly conducted onboard to verify that all onboard personnel have adequate understanding of the security measures and improve their security management skills.

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